Friday, October 1, 2010

Odysseus so Innocent

Odysseus you went on war for your dream
Failing acknowledgment the dream that lives within
Penelope sighs and moans for your return
Yet you are in battle with Cyclops and
With Poseidon on all eyes on you

Your own devour landed you to turn to Calypso
I hope you more of adventures to reap
The faithful and devoid Penelope waits
For your long journey to end

For did she recognize herself as love
And gave her wings to you in return
Whenever Sirens put music to your ears
You tied to a shoot forbidden of fears

Penelope still awaits your return
For her to wither from virgin being and perish complete
Troy you protected for life
Was a being you ever desired
The journey now unfolds to being
Your manifestation of love has arrived
Embrace thy Penelope bury your self denial
Become love you always aspired

 O' yet innocent Odysseus
Thou is time of your return to Ithaca awaiting

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