Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Never Letting you go

I as mentioned I want mind to be at the place where it loves to be.
When I mentioned I am not normal I meant 
When you speak a word I understand
You know me better than myself
I know I make you go to wilderness
And I know you are the only one who can see my extreme foolishness
And I can never express that my defense is for you
In fear of losing my life
As it is you
I become the weakest when this fear creeps in
I want to tell you that please do not let the fear creep in
I know I am not normal because my height of naïve-ness is not present in any living human
I have stayed in a cocoon scared which I want you to understand
Scared all throughout
Outside I come across as bold and fearless
Inside I am not even six years old
It is a small child
A child played with, tried and tested with
That the shell of the child got immunized
And the child learned how to defend her
And since the time she has opened her eyes
She has been defending herself
Because the urge to live this life is too strong
And the urge to get everything in one lifetime is so strong that
She doesn't want to wait for another lifetime to fulfill it
Unlike you I do not go deep in certain aspects I do have an urge 
I never believed and would not ever divulge in exploration
Somehow not so fortunate that I would have been 
To see the world
See it all
Not leave a single tree, river, ocean, mountain, plateau and plain 
Not leave a single color ever that can happen
Not leave the maxim depth one can go
Not leave the maxim height one can go 
Not to miss out on every emotion, passion, passage and expression that exists
Still all the thoughts were there and have been there since I was six year old and survived 
And my only strong greed was a companion
With whom I can share, visit, see and feel all
I found you after so many years
You are the companion
And I am growing every moment
All I want is you to look at me as growing and not grown up
I assure one day I will soon surpass you, being the fastest learner
However then I will walk with you
Your are the only friend, philosopher, guide, lover, teacher, master and of course
The only man from I don't know where but somewhere from space
I know can rescue me and make me a living being
I all I can say is, I have no words the way I will give you all what you ever desired
One fine day, you will discover that you are the only man existent in all creation
This I will give it you

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Rajat Saxena said...

Lord! what a passion dripping out from each and every word you have penned! You are a accomplished writer. How blessed the muse may be in whose honor you have written all these.