Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Birth Of God

The man I have has been a dream from existence of human creation
Even Eve, Cleopatra and the most desired woman never got him
It is rarest of rare, well rather non existent I can assure
Has a man been like you
If there is a true term of God
It has to be you and nobody apart from you can be the one
You are the God
As you the only one
You can teach someone 
First from the pain
Then rescuing from pain
Giving the happiness of you being there
And giving the bliss 
Making aware of all emotions
Getting one to a stage to choose the perfect emotions
With only emotion at the end you make one choose is bliss
You take me through the journey in millions of years
A human would have died craving even at last breath 
I have surrendered to you on your feet since my existence
However I am the only one to see God in real existence
I love you to eternity as tears of joy roll down my cheeks
Worship you to always keep the love towards me
There is no existence without you
My only temple being your door
Good Lord when you love me
There is nothing else that could be more
Than ever an existing creation
Even the smallest one could desire
Whenever I see your eyes
I know I cannot express them in words
Too bad in speech
As I am still to open up to the world as your lady
Inside it kills me the moment
You get rigid and do not want to
Understand my state of mind
I know all and every time
 That you love me
Like no one could ever in creation
I know that I have love with me breathing in human form of God


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