Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Self Realization

For age’s sages, demigods, self proclaimed gurus have given you a thought to ponder. The reality is basic though. The moment you realize who and what you are, you get there.

I am a woman. My basic needs are a shelter, food to survive, clothes to hide me and love all along. There is nothing beyond. Rest is self created and in indulgence of our persuasion to material freedom.

The question is: Is it being free?
At the end you follow, divulge in actions not prescribed for you, contemplate on foolish thoughts and accept them as pragmatism, succumb yourself to live as insects while the world was made for you and blatantly surrender to the circumstances self created.

You cry, bleed, antagonize, fear, attach and do what not to please yourself. In the end you only prolong your journey to the blissful state. The day the truth crops up; that you are nothing and you will take nothing with you in the end, will you realize yourself.

What will happen with jealousy, fear, angst, lust, infatuation, pride and all? You will be entangled in the web till end of your physical being.

Why to follow? What works for one is not going to work for you!
The space is infinite, all are born unique. No two experiences could be similar.
The day you realize it
You will be your own god.

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