Friday, September 10, 2010


Define it in wholesome way which would mean one for all! In truth!
Two species of one breed!
Man and Woman!
Definition of “define” is derived from them

Two religions exist:
Are of Man and Woman
Man so definitive
And Woman so Precognitive
The implication is unexplained

Loved and caressed and yet not expressed
The inexplicable feeling that defines true love
Always is beneath the closet till the end

The man who ever wondered defining his woman!
He who crumbled and stay frozen underneath
I say to my man to stop and explore
And be deep beneath where was left to implored

Their on floor lays the woman!
Unperturbed with the events
Perseverance in her way
And her man falls ignored

Treasure of Pleasure
Lay low
And play with rhythm

The beat within you is communion
Join me to my celebration
As my celebration begins
Here comes my Religion!

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