Wednesday, September 22, 2010

An ode to the Dawn

Born is the dawn in abscission to the night
When the cicada passes his tune to the morning bird
The sweet misty smell of breeze breathes down you
And the sky becomes the prism with the moon disappearing in its hide

The agitated ocean sublimes to rhythmic waves
The crown of mountains dazzle with first ray
The morning goose blows the trumpet
Marking the arrival of the fire from the east

Rises the magnificent source of fire
With a calm composer to sit on its throne
 As its first rays hit the due drops on grass so green
Diamonds splatter all across the field

A sweet hymn of Morning Raga
Shows your ears the real sound of music
While you listen to the glory of nature from eyes
The beautiful dawn then adorns the sky

Setting up the pace for vibrant day ahead
The orange roof starts turning to gold
As the sun finally gets in motion
The dawn makes way for the day to unfold

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