Sunday, August 15, 2010


This term has several aspects which unfold as change happens. Per Sri MadBhagvad Gita, Change is the only rule of nature. Hence to perceive someone at first instance or interaction would be withholding exploration.

The basic nature of human mind is to perceive a person as your own mirror image. For example: If I am trustworthy, I would simply trust the other person adjudging him to be trustworthy. Often because of this people fall vulnerable and exposed to those who are never first time perceptive.

As we go through phases of life, we learn, our mind inexplicably keeps switching to new dimensions. For better or at times for worse. For example: A pessimist might become optimist, or due to turn of events become sadist. Hence whoever the person will perceive moving along it would be either optimistic or sadistic.

As we move along, our mind traverses and moulds itself. It can become more adaptable, build more acceptances, and become more pragmatic. Hence if we perceive someone basis first interaction, it would be always subjective to change.

However if we keep our built in perception about the other person rigid then we would find it inscrutable and approach him with inappropriate mannerisms. Hence flexibility of mind while perceiving is essential for a palpable response.

We have all heard the phrase at one point,” Speech is silver, Silence is gold!” While I am a talkative person, I came across a match more eminent in conversation than me. I do not build in and subject someone with first perception however this time around I believe I had done some of it.
While it was imminent that the other person had a perception already of himself, I tried to utilize the golden speech of maintaining stoic silence and listening carefully to each statement he made. While indulging in this activity I came across several different perceptions he had built for me which I was not sure I could have those attributes. While I had no thought of anger in maintaining silence, his perception was otherwise. Hence sometimes indulging in silence is a good way to bring in forefront the real attributes of the other person.

There are distinctions between certain aspects which are often confused with.
1) Sense and Sensibility
2) Adaptation and Acceptance
3) Perceiving and Deception

One might have the sense however the sensibility is when you use your senses at appropriate time and place. For instance: at times you say something which you perceive
The other one will reciprocate in the manner you want. However it goes to another tangential attribute. Now! Since you had the sense however the sensibility to capture his module of thoughts went missing, for him it would be you blurting or derogating.

The science behind mind’s evolution is complicated yet simple if comprehended. Do not let it go till retribution!
The factors affecting our grey matter are derived from our sub conscious mind which is perceptible to change which you are in abstinence with.

At times you end up doing activities which your senses defy, why does it happen is the question one may ask? It is because the sensibility goes missing. For Example: We might have similar grade to accept the reality however we all have a subtle yet anxious Human mind. At times when we converse we do it with our own perspective regardless of reality.

The other distinction which has a thin line is adaptability and acceptance. One can be adaptable however does not accept the circumstances or with attributes of people around. What happens due to negligence of this distinction shows up often in frustration. We often come across people unhappy with their surroundings, or what they are into.

For instance: In a working man’s life there are people that you perceive in a certain manner and basis adapts yourself to the circumstances looking for avenues to fulfill your ambition. However, it is a normal activity that once the person walks out of his office he speaks about his boss and colleague to belittle them. This happens because the adaptability was there however acceptance was missing. Once you accept the person with its entire entirety you will never scrutinize and be judgmental.

The last however far from least is perception and deception. Perception is varied however deception is intriguing, people who know this art are the masters of perception. They can capture the changes of mannerisms and project what they want the other person to perceive. While the other person unaware of this fact goes by the illusion perceiving it as reality. For reference: Hitler was a master of deception.

Hence, the myth about perception is what keeps our mind engaged all the while and attached with people we want to perceive in depth. In my presence so far I realized two facts presented as phrase” Practice what you preach” , and “ Easier said than done” . They are apt for all circumstances. Buddha determined his state following them. And this state arises when one gives up perception. If one will never perceive, to deceive the person would never come in action.

The level which freezes is when they perceive that the experiential knowledge they have attained is the ultimate reality and path to tranquility. They limit their acceptance and build a belief to calm them.

Fact is simple, if you can build the ability never to perceive, you will always communicate afresh. If you do perceive, learn the art of perseverance to communicate what you want the other one to comprehend. At the end, flowless communication can only lead one to attain what one is made for.