Monday, August 9, 2010

My waking up moment

Times I have been stubborn, curious and anxious without any direction to go
I stood on the crossroads every time to try all
Never found a straight path or guide to direct me home
Realization was a stranger to me

I tried, experimented and tested what all people pursue
Failed in being contented
Traversed and became a vagabond
Strange characters indulged me and I divulged

Joined the crowd to walk along however stood out as alien
Then lurked and antagonized
Obnoxious I thrashed what came across
Thought came to clean up the mess I created

Looking at the mirror I saw me degenerate
Knocked all doors who wanted papers
Came across another crossroad to choose and asked the taxidriver to guide me instead
He took me to a tunnel and asked if I want to through this dark phase

Withstood all escapism I let go through the tunnel
Saw a faint light approaching as we were hurdling
Wanted to capture it
Then came the moment I was in it

A formless being drew me to traverse the road ahead
As a child unaware I followed
Lightening flashed and I held tight to me
Woke up with it and found myself

Penned all my moments never to perish
I fell in love with the child I had
Still the eternal child goes trampling
Now I am here and want all to join me.


Beyond Few Words said...

lovely... fell in love with the child I had

drppanda said...

Extend your hand,

FreeMoneyMaker said...

Very good ,extend your hand for the child.....Really I do this,luv my babies.