Friday, August 6, 2010

Life as we live it

When we go by the eternal teachings of Gita, we discover more facts about how life should be lived and how we live it. At times when we feel on top of the world with worldly pleasures all coming our way, we miss out that these actions which fetched us the material manifestation was only a hindrance to learn the transcendental truth. We get involved and more lost in what we should have really done.

We are influenced and want to live by other’s rules and their manifestation. We all have powers within which at a time is left explored and we fail to really achieve what we had deserved.

A man who is involved in business and wants to become an entrepreneur often limits himself by perceiving other man’s action to prescribe his own success story. A writer instead of writing what truly is his ingenious goes by what is current in the market.
Success might come for them however they are left destitute of the ultimate one.

That is the reason why amongst million aspiring to be an entrepreneur only a handful get there and true artists leave their art behind them for future to follow. Every person has been designed for a unique activity, a unique fact to find about the infinite universe. We are all designed for a specific purpose. Once we do it without any influence, without simply following multitudes and by listening to our conscious without reasons, we will perform the activity with communion of heart and soul.

All are manmade manifestation and we can pretty much live a happy and tranquil life being devoid of them.

However this transcendence could only be achieved when we have reached the level where we control our mind, our senses objects which for some might take a lifetime. Instead of trying hard and convincing yourself that you are in control of your mind let it flow, let it take you as it always does so with a purpose. Stop convincing yourself, pushing hard for results and you will be amazed with your own value and potential.

I will offer my own self, when I write often I am asked to write on specific subjects and with defined frames. However at the end of the day I mention only what my mind suggests and my fingers write. Remember, with your nothingness will come everything you have got, the obstacles will soon fade away in oblivion and you will be left with bliss.

Do it and see yourself become a master of your own and a true leader.

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