Monday, August 16, 2010

I am nothing

Few days ago I contemplated in wandering of the mind. Somehow I was not satisfied with the answers. Then the thought came if their existed a mind or it is another made up illusion. After all, no one has ever seen it, no one knows where in entire space it exists. For me the origin of thoughts is not my own creation but the memory and information I have taken from nature in all its aspects. We think and react only because of the neurological activities in our brain. There is nothing we create however only react per the information we process with the data we feed or memories.

The information I have in memory is that nature is unique and every being is unique. The mystic experience hence one individual has would be always different from others. Then why do we follow others and want to become like them? Why do we meditate per what one Guru mentions is the correct form of meditation? Why do we want to silence our mind and make peace with is when it is a figment of our processed imagination or illusion? What is reality? How can we term ultimate truth or ultimate reality only through one individual’s perspective?

If all of us our meant for unique activities by nature, then, what is normal for me doesn’t necessarily prove to be normal for the other. Then why have we made measured and put everything under matrices. Society, rules, religions, God and what not are anything but measurements which over a period of time became beliefs. This only makes us mechanical and not unique creations.

More I dwell into the philosophy of different Gurus or spiritual leaders, I find that it was their own unique experience and their followers never had similar experience.

The derivation for me for now is we are born only to perish one day so why bother in measuring ourselves with others. At the end of it one comes with nothing and leaves with nothing. All the information you gain, the success that you make you leave behind for the next produce. Apart from that there is no realization I have had.

Srimad Bhagvad Gita is not a religious book but a scientific one. It only informs you about the basic dynamics of nature. You go through all the scriptures the eternal facts remain the same. The man made dynamics entered in them to suit their own methods of living only differ.

All I have understood so far is the limitation we are born with to take nothing with us. Only if this realization comes one can be free from all the boundaries they have built.
Saying that I am not an atheist, I cannot be one as I do not know who is God. I in me have nothing that I have created only taken and memorized so there is nothing I can call my own. Then why do we have to fight to remove jealousy, anger, despair, sadness, frustration and emotions?
I do not want to fight with them as I have nothing with me of my own to have them at first place. They are all information I processed and hence my neurological activities react to them like reflexes.

I am still in search of the time to have my own unique experience, although I have had several so far however no terminologies to express them.
I cannot suggest to anyone anything however only tell them to wait for their own experience which would give them their reality and uniqueness.

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