Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I am tenacious with a nomadic mind always looking for a permanent adobe. Hence this time around I wanted to write about my road to serendipity.

There are two kinds of people; one who know their fortune since the beginning and the other who discover it. I am the other kind. Since my existence I have traversed different paths discovering new facets about me, I flow like a fluid and adapt to the vessel and become still for some time until the vessel overflows and I start brimming with thoughts again and take another direction of the flow. Hence I leave a part of me in every vessel. For those who want it to be simplified vessel is metaphor for people or social circle.

The bestowed relations of being a daughter, sister, friend and lover are inevitable. I am yet to discover motherhood though. However a techie, musician, sales manager, accountant, analyst, illusionist, PR, conceptualist, advertiser, marketer, and writer have come on my road to self discovery so far.

While the above are broad categories, I would not break them up in sub groups else it would become an unending resume. Saying that, the above are only professional aspects and everyone must have gone through this road sometime or the other. The other aspect is my personal development as an individual, the evolving emotions and perception towards the society and world.

As a child we are protected by our family and parents. Those who don’t have one also have a guardian angel somewhere protecting them while preparing to enter the wide world. I know there is an angel who is always watching my steps. I plunged into the mad world pretty early than the rest and had many incidents that made me discover me every passing moment. I met people all the way with different emotions and perceptions of the same thing. I found out that for a single question there could be a million answers, each unique in its own way. Perhaps that is the beauty of mind and the flight it can take.

My road to life is still on and I know there is plenty of room for further evolution. However so far I arrived to my nearest fortune. I discovered it is chasing the horizon, at the end of the day you are going to return from where you started as life will come full circle. The people you met in the past will show up again at some point in a different form in future. Still the enigma remains that we keep chasing the horizon everyday knowing the truth, “To earth you came from and to the earth you will go”. Our Universe is only a dot in the wide space however the dot for us is the entire Universe. Hence all we can take with us are the memories as mind is formless and immortal and stays in space. I don’t know which road I am going to take next however meanwhile I am here. This being said I want to build up good memories, one which would be everlasting and I would want all around me to help me get some.


The wizard said...

Well your perception is more of race, I have a totally different angle. However thank you so much for your views. Please keep sharing :)

The wizard said...

Prashant, please show me the connection and deliverance of your comment with my concept