Thursday, July 15, 2010

I am a Flower

In theory there are two paths to choose from, good and bad. Some say my way or the highway. Doesn’t necessarily mean that the highway leads to hell however some choose it and discover another two ways. For me the road map to success and maturity in life are like branches of a tree. I am one of the fruits and the day I will ripe, I will roll or break from the root of the branch and have a free fall.

It is the process of traversing through the branches, developing from a seed to flower and turning to a fruit that life is all about. My status currently is of a flower which is blossoming. I do not want to be plucked out until I become the fruit and ripe. However it is difficult to hold back to temptations.

Flowers are attractive; their scent entices and by virtue of being a human one is drawn towards it. Before one realizes, they are plucked, they stay in the vase for few days for decoration and wither away. They never get a chance to see them grow to a fruit. If you will observe, the fruit bearing trees are full of color during spring, they are covered with flowers however if you compare the ratio or how many turn out to be fruits it is 6 to 10 at best.

My abstinence from the world around me is often regarded as indifference and at times arrogance. However it is an attempt to keep myself to be plucked before I ripe.

To enroot enlightenment we must continue towards the path till the end of it. If we give in to the temptations, pressure, norms and what others have to say then we ourselves will cut our journey short. For sometime we will spread the fragrance, however it will faint away and before we would know will wither in oblivion.

To mutate in a fruit, one has to hold on deep with the roots, build up resistance towards temptation. By resistance it is not meant to hold oneself back in totality, however not getting carried away in flow of emotions. Build up acceptance and learning ability to retain more and redeem them when time comes.

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The wizard said...

I agree, one should never be scared of death and it is only your physical body you're letting go. It is like changing your attire. I think I will stop here as you 're a rolling stone and will gather no moss.