Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Who are you?

Sometimes an empty mind could be a result of too many thoughts, perceptions and opinions. It is when your brain gives it all up you could go blank. Ask me, I have had this question for ages. Who am I? What is my purpose in life? Am I going to get all what I want or would have to settle down with fate?

The thought which captures my mind is why fate plays such an important role in one’s life. What is fate and destiny? Somehow I always believe that I am the master of my fate and destiny? However when your actions are are not aligned with your thoughts and your will is not strong enough to stand by you during painful decisions that is when you lose it to your fate.

I have been struggling to get this alignment for quite sometime. I keep telling myself that I am a beautiful person and would get everything that I want in this lifetime. However only telling yourself does not do the trick. Sometimes a decision doesn’t necessarily will affect you but the people with you and around you. It is a task to communicate to all of them the purpose for which you are taking the measure. However no success will come to you unless you take a risk.

In present society most of us fear to make the decision more because of our immediate family and fear of putting their emotions at risk. Hence there is one important truth that one must learn; first you cannot make everyone happy and second to achieve something substantial in life your alone efforts and actions would only lead the way.

So while I am on my way to explore who am I and I would advice all to take the trip and discover what more life has to offer you, after all there is only one life so better live it today than repent tomorrow.

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