Friday, June 11, 2010

Thoughts and wandering mind

From all the saints , prophets, telepathists, astrologers, astronomers and all who are involved in intuitive, perceptive and beyond ordinary human’s materialistic activities, the first and the foremost advice they make is to clear the thoughts and learn to have control over our mind.

I too believe that everything is possible only some are difficult to achieve and control. When we talk about most difficult activity we could probably have millions of activities in our thoughts however the most difficult thing is to have the control over your mind. If the control comes you can achieve the unachievable and pursue the most riveting task with ease.

I had a lot of read in recent past and was almost thereto a world of absolute isolation from physical reality. Most people I come across ask me questions I fail to understand or perhaps cannot comprehend their or my world in delusion. I met a person on a social networking site. I would still call it a real interaction to a virtual person as we have physically never met. However the person keeps mentioning that he is in love with me. I was engrossed in history read while he text me to ask why do I like to read and write? As my concentration was somewhere else and the question all of a sudden perplexed me and then disturbed me. I asked him back that will he ask a player while he is playing cricket. His response was even more damaging to my thoughts crossing my mind at the moment. He mentioned he would never as playing cricket pays money, reading and writing does not!

My mind wandered what should I respond to him as for the moment I was taken aback and mixed thoughts of anguishes and upsetting came into my mind. However if I had responded back at the very moment I would have wrote something which I would have regretted later. I do not like the feeling of being regretful. Hence I did not respond. I stayed calm for a while and perhaps again divulged into reading when another text popped up from his end. By the time I had one thought in my mind, as wise men say , do not try to explain facts to a half knowledge ,you would be the only one appearing to be a fool. I responded the truth that I would prefer not to be disturbed at the point as I was busy in another activity.

Only I know how much I had to control my mind not to comment otherwise. Sometimes we make foolish mistakes by not controlling our thoughts flow out of our mouth only because we have no control over our emotions. To control the emotions it is an absolute essential to have a control over our mind. While I was reading the theories of Clairvoyance by an astrologer I came across facts that would startle you and want to make you experiment with all possible methods that would help you achieve the continuum over your mind. I am still in process and experimenting. However be aware that when you start the process initially your mind would wander freely and hence the best practice would be to practice it when you are in healthy and good mindset as the thoughts that would come would be peaceful and happy. Else you might end up getting suppressed and upset. Most of the time while my thought is singly involved in some process I get in trance and even a slightest hunch, noise or activity could make startle me.

While I would go with my pursuit my single advice would be to all is that future is unseen. It is totally within us to change the course of future whatever the prophecy may be. If more and more people start thriving to achieve their control over their mind with a positive attitude to made the world a better place we could achieve the stature as human kind in establishing a world where the nature is in abundance, with no wars and we would be the best race even if there is an existence of other kind in different planets!