Saturday, June 5, 2010

From the mouth of Procrastinator

I am one of them. There are only two kinds of people thinkers and doers. We read a lot about doers and their achievements; however no body really cares about what one thinks.

As for thinkers too there are those who think and act on it and the rest who only think. Let us get some perspective on those who only think and think. Sometimes these people are always left behind in the race as they think too much. What really goes around when you think too much?

To begin with first you get a great thought. Then you think of avenues to action it. Then you think of the positive results and benefits out from it. So far so good!

Here comes the hard part, if you stop right there and freeze the thought you would do it. However for a procrastinator that is not enough, they go on thinking. Sooner it starts brimming out of their head. Then the whole world knows about it, then come the opinions which give them even more to think. Then comes all the obstructions, hard ones, negative aspects and before they realize the thought evaporates and nothing is put to action.

From all the thoughts brimming I discovered it is basically a sickness which would drive you crazy and then frustration would creep in as nothing you think will work out. How to get rid of this sickness is another thought as there is no perfect cure for it and is most difficult to get rid of it since it totally depends on your will power.

The only way to cure this would be to let your will take over your brain. Most of the procrastinators hence are fickle minded as there are too many ideas, thoughts and opinions which of course keep on changing and sticking to one single thought makes their life boring.

Normally these people don’t even have many friends as being in their own world only gets them the activity to think. Hence the thought gave me the solution and I am acting on it.

First step, stop hanging around in four walls and get out, no matter what kind of people you meet but meet them. Meeting different people will inspire you more to act. Second keep telling yourself that is it and I am acting on it right away. Third if you think that the company you have is making you think even more, change. Try to challenge your will so that for once your thinking mind gives up and your will takes over. And last but the most important part, listen to every opinion but do not get opinionated yourself.

That is the way I got out of it and I believe all procrastinators if put their thought in action, this world will be a different place.

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