Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Life as we Want it!

The moment one steps out of the womb and steps in this world, all creatures of this planet have the natural state of mind to want something. If someone mentions or states they don’t want anything out from life, it is not true. From love, life, happiness, success, money, friendship, peace, salvation or even death everyone wants something. The sages who leave the materialistic world too are not spared with this want that is the ultimate state. They want contempt and salvation!

Everyday as I experience my events during the course and examine the progression I discover that the flow for your thought process is always one step higher to what you currently have. As a newborn you want to take the first step, for that the child learns to crawl and then stand and then walk. When we grow up we want a partner, love marriage.

Those who are married often want something additional either for their loved one or somebody else whom they want.

The next expression from want is happiness. Happiness is a never ending pursuit in itself. When the wise men say they have conquered their mind and thought process, somehow they fight within every second to conquer it however face the truth. Mind is too swift to be conquered!

It is mentioned in Bhagvad Gita that one should do the deeds without pursuing the fruits. It is true however every deed has to bear some fruit so why not want it and get the benefits from it.

The question is, when would one get the state of mind wherein one will want nothing. It would be blank as if you’re wandering in space. And if there is no deed which doesn’t have a want for it, why is the term “selfless deed” in existence.

I know I would come across several theories for the same however give it a thought. The deed which might be not of your interest would be for someone and hence there is a want for it, so technically it is not selfless.

That would be the ultimate want one would have beyond which the scope is nil. Think!