Friday, May 28, 2010

Crimes crafted under power

In the entire 20th century, there have been debates , theories, researches and evidences all half baked to establish the actual cause of the demolition of humanity to an extent that Governments, people with power have crafted numerous crimes and camouflaged them in a manner that investigating the truth for normal human brain was beyond scope.

Theories involving World Wars, Cold war, Soviet, Berlin Blockade, 9/11 and of course countless acts of terrorism world wide to date .What instigated them? Who are the conspirators and what led to their accomplishment of these abominable goals.

While historically there are number of theories suggesting the hand of the most powerful to be involved it is imperative that the powers given to them come from the ordinary human mind and deeds that go unnoticed in plethora of resources we have that act as demolition warriors.

While it would be an exhaustive study itself to survive and ever find out the ultimate truth we are seeking behind all the Wars to terror attacks. The ultimate question which remains unanswered is what would they get who are behind the macabre. What is there ultimate goal? Surely one can mention to own the world. Even if mankind comes to extinction one day, no one would be able to own the world as there would nothing to own and establish the sense of accomplishment.

Not going so far and diving deep to all major 20th century disasters, my focus is mainly on the small and countless acts that happen like a morning cup of coffee. Somehow we all are aware that it is happening somewhere however the real faces are always camouflaged. Even if they are in front of us we might accept them as demigods however not question them.

There are theories behind Osama’s existence while practically even if the answer is known it is never unfolded to world wide audience. This camouflage is taking over the mind of ordinary citizen wherein one can never trust the person they are talking to in daily life. While we all go by the media reports and accept it as fate of living in this century and self made dangerous times. Why do we never step up as a single force and demand an answer to the biggest security agencies who are full of evidences to break the camouflage? A single mouth could be shut however it would not be possible to shut million voices together. In attempt to shut them down the real conspirators would eventually come out from hiding and the truth would be told.

At some point if Nostradamus is to be believed it would happen, probability is it would be the end of the world as we know it. As to stop all voices one would have to declare war against entire human kind. So why give death penalties to the faces we see as culprits while they are the bigger victims . Someone who appears to be ordinary amongst us might be sitting and watching the horrid affair unfold in front of their eye and applauding to their deed.

Every small act of terror that is happening world wide is linked to something which would lead to major catastrophe soon. We are losing out on time and one giant leap away from becoming historic remains.

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