Monday, May 31, 2010

The Best Reality Show

What could be a better show then macabre on prime time television! Have we ever thought that sometimes the biggest attacks, and man made disasters could be to feed the audience with insatiable need to criticize and being terrorized.

Think from a different angle and then compare. There are only two sides of a coin. Either you could become a legend being a God or playing the Devil. The irony is most of the time the human mind’s temptation is inclined towards the devil’s act.

Two days back we saw the craving soaring when Maoists came out with under gruesome act. They too need their share to be on the same platform and be legends to remember. Following which on number two slot were again the champions of manslaughter, the Taliban. Well spot three currently stays with Naxalites. These are only the regional rounds, Indian Sub –continent. I am sure there must have been equally terrifying acts across all regions in rest of the world.

We remember the legend of Dracula which is linked with mass killing by once the king of Pennsylvania. We remember Jack the Ripper with his horrific slaying of women during 19th century almost personifying hatred towards womankind. There is one thing common between the above two examples. Both were never caught or punished for their acts.

Link them with 20th century, there are numerous conspiracy theories for Pearl Harbor, World Wars, Soviet, 9/11. Even we cannot say with conviction that for Bombay blast, 7/11 ,26/11 the main brain behind them have been even traced with evidences. There are theories but no actual evidence to catch the bulls behind the macabre.

We also heard the flying news of Pune blast case solved. Nobody knows the resolution though.

What are they? They are real time shows, bigger and better than any crime fiction series that could catch the eye and terrorize you, give you the chills running through your spine. Could you imagine a single broadcast post massacre would fetch you the TRP to steep to bring it down would require another massive one with even more body count.

Like all reality shows, they are well choreographed, planned and executed. We have our own legend. All the terrorist groups, their names are bigger than ever a Godfather or our Indian “Gabbar Singh” would be to keep you on your toes and give you chills for generations.

When we say the end is near, it is not mainly because the earth is going to be gulped down by a huge meteorite. It is the mankind who has chosen to play the Devil and lead to extinction since we love Macabre more than anything. Accept it, we all have become slaves to it, we love it. High speed car chases, gunfire, explosions, horror sights gives us adrenaline rush.

The powerful who have thirst of power and want to play the devil hence are succeeding all the more. The 9/11 attack, think over it, could it be possible by two jetliners to bring down the massive towers like a Card castle within. There were witnesses who heard bomb explosions. The media never brought the facts up and they successfully covered up the entire fact from the world audience.

We all are approaching extinction and if we don’t get weary of this reality series right now, soon we all would be a part of it, watching our own loved ones and us been battered and bruised.

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