Sunday, January 3, 2010

What is infidelity?

Are you unsure what to do and think you are Jack of all trades? Do you switch jobs, girlfriend/boyfriend? Do you get bored after knowing a jog, a task, a person?

Most people here go in for Compromise. While you call that you are called Infidel as social bounds do not permit you to fall in love officially. They call it all sorts of name, affair, a stand and what not. Question is how you define yourself. I am an animal. Humans are a species what we are who have taken away all the rights to be free. We call is society? But who owns it? Who narrates it? Guide it? Judge it? Defines it?

Why have we become creatures fighting for our survival? Why in free nations can’t we be free?

Every store has their product to offer why do we chose the wrong one and keep basking on its glory?

You are my friend! To begin with there is so much to do in one life that I and you are tired of one single task in hand. I look good so I thought would be an Actor, a Model? I am good in Physics so thought I could be an engineer or a scientist. Is it that I lack Passion for it?

Life in itself is the biggest mystery and puzzle one can solve. I want to be all the people in world I admire; I coax myself that I miss their talent. Never understood my talent!

Tell me people, what you love, what you want to do, what you prefer and what is your preference in choosing the right one for you. Truth is! You look for your mirror image but you fail to realize that maxim opposite to you is the right one!

I am 27 and I still looking. I have wild ways to acknowledge few attributes .Real me is still an Enigma.

I stand confused however I can tell you that few words like: Impossible” and “Infidelity” is man created! They do not exist. All you need to is find a way out. Being the topmost animal and species, you have been granted with the power of thought. Make use of it to the least.


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