Sunday, August 30, 2009

Where is the idea?

When I was a kid and saw the Ayodhya Babri Masjid riots, I had no idea why so many were butchered like mutton pieces. Today I see dozens killed like flocks and we are only listeneners to hear the count of those who died. If the number is around 50 we say,” that’s not a tragedy”. We have become so use to cannibalism in our own ways. If you go by the literal meaning of being a vegetarian then nobody on this earth is. Similarly, if you’re going by the literal meaning of being called a “Cannibal” think again. It is us who have killed them, butchered them. How, by electing butchers as our leaders! Where is the right to information? Do we have enough information about the electorates standing in the smallest of constituencies? Do we know or our aware of their past that we are choosing them as the future leaders? I understand that the sites like the recent one which on its way did a fabulous job in getting the idea of voting to our young minds, however we need to cover up the loopholes here. First, every candidate, even from a gram panchayat should be registered and their past actions should be registered .Second, so many of us have missed out as many did not know what the last date to register was. Accept it! Not many of us will go online to check the information out everyday, though I accept we should and would have if we think so strongly. Third, what about the mass population who is unaware of all what is happening, by that I mean people in remote villages without any access or knowledge of what needs to be done, how do we educate them to a point that they do not board trucks in masses for Rs 500 and give away their only lifeline to precarious electorates hounding on their votes and then basking on the glory to emerge victorious out of nowhere and then stand as main electorates without we left with a choice. If all the government jobs have an age to retire, why not the politicians? If you call an 80 year old political detriment to be a servant for young masses then we need to redefiine the meaning of “young thoughts”.

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