Friday, December 12, 2008

Opposites Attract

For all the fellow brothers and sisters who practically go on meeting different people in day to day life and sometimes land up confused with the attraction of opposite sex. There are few thoughts I would like to share only as my personal opinion. It is truly upon the readers to decide the facts and figures. But hold it right there, facts and figures give the outer judgment however never take it in granted while in a relationship as there are some aspects which is beyond the scope of discussion and out of the concept being put into writing. For everything else there is documentation.

In the changing times and fast evolving landscapes, people are still finding it hard in our country to keep in terms with the changing trends. There has been and will be lot of arguments between opposite sex that who is the best and tolerant of all. The idea is pretty simple though, that if they live in harmony they can create paradise or expect doomed future for both sides.

Still many of us live our lives and are reluctant to accept that all the choices we make are not always right and there could be mistakes, if prolonged could lead to mental and physical disaster. When should you know is the mystery. Most of the searches till date reveal that all men think that women are the same, but for the benefit of all my fellow men, here is a secret, do not go by the myth as each and every woman you will meet will be different. Unlike men, women hardly believe in facts and figures and go by their instinct, most of the time!

For women a going trend these days is heartbreak, but why? When should they figure out that how and where is the relationship going. Science here always works, almost, men and women could never get in harmony as friends for a long time, i.e., if you call each other best of pals. It could happen only while you were in school and didn’t get puberty.

Times are changing, but as Indians we need to agree that our thought process is more relationship based unlike the time based culture of the west. Emotional turmoil in once life could lead to Professional turmoil.

And as times are changing my fellow men should forget the cupid for a while and put logic as they normally do in the forefront if they want a relationship, as if you don’t, the end result is only accusations. Even if they think the special friend in their life is more than that, they should keep their feelings till they do not hear it confidently from their love interest, remember “A smile could be deceptive”. That is, if they want a long term one.

As the world is getting smaller the options have widened enough for my sisters and they need not settle down for some one where they need to hold up themselves, hence men these days are facing more rejections while they are hardly prepared for it. This ideology is redundant and needs to change from within to get a happy life partner and not a seductress who whines when alone. If our approach is always rigid with a set frame of mind that 2 plus 2 will make 4, then be up for a surprise as human mind is way beyond mathematical calculations. As time passes by and if you want to hear interesting facts about relationships then wait for my next column. I have understood that these days nothing gets inside once mind without set examples. You will meet people of opposite sex from all walks of life, but every time you meet, be up with a fresh mind to unwind and unlearn and you could resolve the ultimate mystery of living in the moment forever.

I would love here the interesting incidents from the readers as it will throw more insight to the circle we are into.

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