Friday, December 12, 2008

Indian Tadka

I still remember watching Music Television when it first was broadcasted in national Indian television. Since then over the years not only Music television but all the foreign or international channels have come a long way and Indianised themselves so much that the future generation, if asked for general knowledge, would hardly be able to tell where did these channels originate.

That was just for example. While we complain that we are molding ourselves to the west we never look how much all the brands have molded themselves in the eastern culture. Take all the fast food chains, McDonald’ s had never introduced so many country specific items had it not been for India, why them every brand from food, media, retail , electronics, automobiles, fashion and the list is endless. Do we ever take notice of it? We should be proud that our influence is so strong that we can bring a change even in the most rigid systems or customs. However, on the contrary some say it is even our stubbornness not to embrace the change and move along, I beg to differ, and we are moving. Our pace is but as usual little laidback as we as a culture never revolve around time.

When I see India going to places, I feel like my heart is up on my sleeves. I feel liberated, but at the same time vulnerable. The recent terror attacks show that we are a soft target to pass on the message to Uncle Sam. Despite all the good things happening, why don’t we take things at our stride and work out a solution for once similar to what Mahatma did to get independence . What are we waiting for?

Oh and that reminds me of our traffic signals, to be honest if one can drive on Indian roads, one could drive anywhere on this world!

In the absence of a traffic police or if the lights are not working there is absolute chaos. What drives them? As I see, we Indian always want to move forward, so when it comes to pulling it back for the other vehicle to make way for you; we never want to pull back. End result, mess or let me use the slang “Traffic Jam”.

Well I discussed from Media to traffic signals, please write your opinion or your experience, I would love to hear back different and once as I am sure each one will have its own uniqueness

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