Thursday, November 27, 2008

Blood Of Mumbai

The financial capital of India is bleeding. Lives of hundreds lost, tourists, and common man stranded, people out on the streets with no roof. Where is all this heading too, where are we going from here, whom to blame, how to come up strong and challenge the people responsible for this massacre. There are so many unanswered questions in the minds of billions of Indians. States and countries worldwide are still trying to find a way out. Whom to blame? Whom to approach? What to do when our integrity is attacked by groups who want to gain political advantage for their own malicious benefits.

Why did the security collapse happen, why do we provide z- security to the politicians when the citizens who are the tax payers suffer for their individual benefit and nothing for the state.

Recently, we experienced regionalism and now off and on terrorism at it again. It is high time that we want to fight back and declare a war against terrorism and end this once and for all we should join our hands and put our differences at bay. Enough is enough. This kind of planned attack could only take place where there are people in our own system who is lending them a hand and we need to identify them. Corruption is taking a toll and if this doesn’t stop now, doom day is not far. If we want our country to come up as the world’s strongest democracy and a nation undeterred by the goons, we need to take the first step and approach the government and get our questions answered. There has to be an open forum as debate will lead to new idea which together could reach to an approach everybody must follow.

It is not only the blood of Mumbai but our own people who have made the city with their own hands. I respect and pay homage to all those who have laid their lives for protecting the rest of us. Please help me find out the next step as a nation we should take so that we can eradicate the plague of terrorism once and for all.

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