Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Tribute to Indian Cinema

Indian Cinema has been more than a century old industry and has given time and time again memorable films which have identified the generations they were made and clearly depicted the trend during those times. I have been a movie buff since childhood and have seen classics right from Alam Aara the first film to Mahal which had Ashok Kumar in Lead. If I want to give the names of all the films till date the list of course would be endless.

However as recession strikes all kinds of industries, the same happened with Indian Film Industry in eighties and early nineties which I would like to be called as the dark phase of the industry. Kayamat Se Kayamat Tak which Introduced Aamir Khan as a fresh face and broke the stereotype male hero character was the film to break the dark phase.

During eighties when the audience had no option but to go to the theater and pay to watch crappy movies, another stream of directors who came out with conceptual cinema popularly called parallel cinema. I still remember Masoom, Saraansh, Albert Pinto ko Gussa …. and many more.

The term “Bollywood” does not mean Indian Cinema, the term became popular when Indian Directors use to distort the storyline of Hollywood films, copy the main scenes in exact frame, and put in as a masala dish to the audience.

The sixties were all classics based on storylines of then authors and scriptwriters with a vision, seventies was about rock and roll trend with a dash of exquisite locations of Kashmir, early eighties was coming to terms with Disco-culture. It was the late eighties and early nineties when it stooped down to cheap thrills, no storyline, misdirection, music minus sense and melody. I am sure we have all seen and heard the songs and watched the entire film with a male character who in his own world was no less than a superman and female character whose only job was to dance and sing for the man. And who can forget the mightier villain or a vamp who tried to keep them apart till happy ending!

Recently when I saw the film directed by a young fellow Abhishek Kapoor, Rock On. I was Glad and satisfied that finally Indian Cinema has come of age and has arrived on world stage. This from my end is a tribute to the industry which is huge, multilingual, has given the nation some exclusive talents and platform to perform. I hope that the future remains bright and the only concern is that if still people go ahead to make the crappy movies they will sink down as the audience has got the taste of them and fresh stories are the flavor of the season.