Thursday, September 4, 2008

Drainage O Drainage!

When we are young, the first historical chapter we come across is the earlier Aryan civilization existing in India, Mohenjodaro and Harappan civilization, is the Indus valley civilization. Incidentally, their drainage system back then was considered as the most modern and advanced form of sewage system. I believe we so are deeply in preservation of our antics and ancient heritage that we do not want to repair the drainage system even just to keep up with modern day requirements. Sorry, if I sounded sarcastic, call it the irony that we get a draught if it doesn’t rain and immediate flood if it rains!

Recently, this week, that is, Tuesday 2nd and Thursday 4th, Pune faced a heavy downpour for few hours during the evening, the result was simple, Chaos. If you follow the news anywhere across the country you will find familiar cases all across the states where once there are heavy showers during monsoon , whether you are in a metropolitan , a small town or a village, we all come swimming at the same platform. So much for equality! If you go and seek the information as your fundamental right to information, you are given the jazz by the municipal official that doesn’t appeal to your ears at all, as it sounds unlike music and more of noise to the ears. The gist is, if the government can not handle the task although they have given some part of the work to government based corporations, then they could follow the way by Uncle Sam and hand it to private sector.

Last Tuesday, my friend, whose father is a Principal of a school and has his home inside the campus, had his entire collection he had built through years washed away! He is not alone. Remember the Mumbai Mess, when the entire business capital came to a standstill when rain gods blessed them with heavy showers!

A colleague from my Mumbai, drowned while he was trying to cross the 5 feet deep water clogging on the streets, he felt in a manhole and subsequently never came out again. My parents, way back in north have similar complains. The simple question I ask is when time will come, when we will get to enjoy the essence of monsoon as a season of fun, nature and romance and not get drenched by the splat of muddy waters clogging the roads and smashed by vehicles trying to make their way out. Seeing the plight of my peer group who live in bungalows and reside in low line areas I have decided never to buy a flat lesser than second floor.

I hope the concerned people wake up and smell the coffee as this is a common concern all across the nation wide map!

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