Monday, August 18, 2008

Political Blasphemy

Recently I saw a film based on the Gujarat Riots which focused on how human mind is molded by the political blasphemy . The story revolved around a parsi family and their tyranny which was bestowed as everyone knows by whom.

The portrayal of characters and the imaginative world of Parzan which he called Parzania makes the viewers sit back and empathize with the characters.

I do not understand why in a democratic nation ( so called biggest democracy) films like these have been banned from public viewing while it should be made compulsory!

The idea is not the film but what the film tells us. Have we fallen so numb on our feet that we can’t stand up for ourselves and let incidents like these keep on happening time and time again. When will Indian Politicians become humane is a question I would like to ask our national leaders and what have they done apart from restricting the viewing of a subject that should be made compulsive viewing. The fact that the child Azhar on whose life the film was based is still missing, has the Gujarat government done anything to at least try to resolve some issues which have been ongoing since the riots broke back in 28th Feb,2002. It was like a holocaust , and mind it, not a natural one but a man made one , political disaster!

I think it is high time to bring about some constitutional changes to decrease the political blasphemy. The cults which have been growing up over the years who call themselves guards of Indian Culture have done everything apart from Guarding! They should be banned and heavily penalized for their actions so that anybody indulging in these activities thinks a million times before doing it. The political parties , and each party by the way has its own ,who support these so called Culture Rottweiler’s should be strictly banned from competing in elections. See if you’ve to ban something then ban the things which are required to be and not ban screening of a film or smoking on screen to name a few. The electoral procedure where the majority who wins the central elections are candidates who stand from state or regions with dense population and the constituencies legislator is big. The parties winning the state elections in these states could very well have a strong hold on central government. Have you noticed, I’m sure you must have , the way voting is carried out. Big trucks full of people, each paid 5 to 10 bugs just to get on the truck and put on their thumb print on the Ballot paper , that is it. Everyone sees it happening, the political backdrop of our nation is so powerful that it has not even spared the cops even the army. One can understand the state of a nation where corruption has not spared the army. When will people wake up and smell the coffee, if this state of affair continues then I believe we ‘re not marching ahead for an economic boom but doom’s day!

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