Friday, August 22, 2008

Mismanagment in the World of Management

I believe that media is one of the best ways to bring people together and make them aware of the hard situations one might come across when working for a management or a part of the management. Recently, I wrote an article on an online news portal which was read by my entire company staff. I have been prey of dirty company politics. I joined with experience in an MNC and while the interview was being conducted I was promised a promotion in coming future by the operations manager considering my experience. The manager left after two months of my joining and after eight months in the department, my department was changed. During my tenure they put me working under four different groups. The moment I used to build my expertise over my work I was shifted to a different department based on their requirement of manpower.

However the turn around happened when a considerably new joiner who did not even fit to qualify according to their so called company policies was promoted as Subject Matter Expert , while the person hardly had understanding of the subject and matter was nowhere. Even so when the employee’s had appeared for the written test for the position, she was not present the day and appeared for the written the next day. The question paper was not changed and she was provided all the answers. In a short span few resigned out of the small financial group of credit controllers we had. Until my immediate supervisor threatened me about deducting the incentive or bonus amount we earn as an acknowledgement of the efforts we put in to meet the revenue target. I had to put down the papers. However in my exit meeting with the human resources and management I finally revealed the political blasphemy that had happened. Though they have promised me that I would receive the entire bonus along with my final settlement amount I have earned to date which I yet need to see if it happens. However the irony is the manager for whom the cream of the staff left the organization is still playing her cards and nothing has happened with her. With this kind of dirty politics I believe many amongst us who fall prey and think they’re helpless.

Take a suggestion and don’t be! Power is with over you if you think that you have it! Before exiting I shared all the wrong reasons for which the right staff had left the company and though the company took my resignation to wake up and smell the coffee! However one person could change the situation. Stand up for your right with conviction and take the risk if you think that the power is in wrong hands and is being used for all wrong reasons.

Many organizations have had massive failures only because the power was with the wrong authorities and no one stud up to speak about the dirty politics which has destroyed innumerable careers!
I only request to the readers is to take a risk once if they think that what is happening around them is not right.

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