Tuesday, May 1, 2007

God's own BPO

All those who think that there's a god who made us Here is a thought !either god is so laid back or not perfect that till date he has not been able to make one perfect human being.Who is god,its a fear within us that we worship so that the fear doesn't overtake our minds.I may sound sceptical ,but its true.If god made the earth and all its creatures and gave humans superiority in terms of brains.I guess god does not have enough brains himself to construct a perfect mind.If we take an industrial parameter six sigma.God is able to create only one human in billions who is near perfect but not yet the epitome of perfection in all aspects.I think god should reevaluate his performance and assign a committee of junior gods to conduct a survey and draw a consensus.When god gave humans brain enough to evolve the world.Why did he not evolve his own way to work,god seems to lag behind in this ,he should grab some pace as times are changing at a rapid pace and the demands are increasing and so is the wish list,wonder if god is thinking of outsourcing his work to grant wishes and listening to people,we may soon have a toll free number to get connected to him!!