Friday, April 27, 2007

Nature is the biggest giver

Nature is the biggest giverIn places where a man lives as a savage race ,he has less to suffer,where one can live without anyone else who has the control over you,be it diet control,smoking ban or anything that restricts you to live a life how others want you to, they live longer than their urban counterparts.Though its a mystery,however,its a fact that the built in immunity system in our body gets stronger with more exposure to the extreme situations that can strike us.This simple logic an urban man is unable to understand as he gets so blinded by the comforts around him.Non smokers suffering from lung cancer and people who never touch chocolates or sugar getting diabetic,but wait there'ss much more to it.Have you seen the tirade of stomuch diseases and it happens with people who take good care of their stomuch giving it utmost care by drinking purified water and boiled food which is a pain for the taste buds too!On the other side their are small villages in Himachal where all people do is smoke hashish which is a natural drug that keeps their bodies so warm that they go on living for 130 years without even wearing a sweater during cold winters!Outside it comes under illegal drug.Half of the diseases are self created ,when we try to become gods and lay our own rules before nature nothing much happens except wreckening.Hence to live the life one comes in this world to live it is necessary to live by the rules of nature,as nature is the biggest giver.

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