Friday, April 27, 2007

Its interesting to see how people get pleasure by playing lil gigs or melicious mockery however one cannot deny that pleasure is inevitable part else life can't be much than a dumb box!Last night I was watching Fear and loathing in Las Vegas where Johny Depp and his writer freind go on an exposition to find a story. The way the director puts the acid trip seemed more like a hallusination trip on LSD ,anyways it was impossible to describe the trip without inputs from all the three,i.e., the co-stars and director.This movie is a must watch for all those who think they've done everything and there can be nothing beyond this trip.Another movie to watch is Basket ball diaries ,this movie has Leonardo Di Caprio when noone but few knew him as a thin teenager and a wannabe actor.It is based on the life of a teenager who will do anything for his trip.Sometimes movies do take us to the world of illusion else they are just a form of getting pleasure,even if in the movie somebody is getting hit on the nose,one man's pain is fun for another is a fact!

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