Sunday, April 29, 2007

Is there any where in this country one can live without cultural rottweilers trying to hogg you down,this time the support should come from those who think that this kind of practice throws a negative picture of our culture and this needs to stop.Serious measures should be taken against these organisations and "dals" .This is converting an entire nation into taliban which is totally unacceptable.The people who preach about culture have no knowledge about it whatsoverIf you really go and ask them anything related to vedant ,upnishads ,they will turn into dumbasses1
In a democratic set up ,the political parties linked with these associations should be banned from sitting for elections ,there tickets should be cancelled and if this extremism does not stop soon,we should soon go into military rule which will teach the entire nation including these dumbasses the mess thev had created.
Its high time people from all across the country should cometogether if they want to live freely else it will be like going under rule again!is that what people want for future!

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