Friday, April 27, 2007

Ever wonderd why there are so many laws that a normal human being of course cannot remmeber.It is high time that the laws should be simplified for a common man to understand.Now new law for human trafficking is coming in,I guess with laws overflowing soon there is going to be flood!
The more the laws the more a human is liable to break it,on every step since one is a child he/she is taught law after law to follow and they to differ from society to society and culture to culture.Unnecessary laws,totally redundant which do no good should be abolished fast before they take a toll on our minds.Laws on cencorship,who is information ministry to tell people what to watch and what not to,are they the only one who are civilised and rest of India is fool.Law imposed on creativity of people that bar to show whats happening around and keep people in a ficticious world is no good.Bottom line is who are we to decide what the other one will do,there should be less laws which should be bcomprehensive and well defined for a common man to understand and not to break them,

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