Sunday, April 22, 2007


Culture on the blink of एक्ष्तिन्क्तिओन्
Lord cries in हैड
People follow ह्य्पोक्रिस्य
Politicians spread diplomacyextrimism in the name of cultureputting a ban is the mantraeducating people is out of questionpioneer's of sex banning what is sexualchaining down pigoensMoral war in relirions
There was a time when we were freeliving a life we wanted to livepeople who control usare the one who rape us
What is happening is what was writtenworld will end by the end of this agewe are responsible to make this happenstop faking everything and keep it naturalIndia has become the garden of weedsPeople living a life of noble savagesso come together as we try to save us

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