Wednesday, March 14, 2007

There are times in your life when everything seems to be going wrong .You follow everybody than yourself. Your brain gets jammed and you trust nothing near you. These are the times you need to hold yourself together. whatever happens ,happens for good ,however when situations like these come up we tend to neglect the good side of it in long term. That is the time if one can hold him/herself together he/she comes out as a winner. I dont know whether anybody else has faced it but whenever I've been through a tense moment and everybody else surronding me is pounding in tears and yelling at me, inside my head a song is going on.I fail to understand why but this really helps you save your brain for better reasons rather pondering over things. Men please dont mind however if you get science in between men are good in procrastinating and pondering over things a lot.women on the other hand depend to much on their men and become nagging in the process.Instead they should go ahead and do the work themselves. Then even you will realise how much men toil themselves!

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