Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Maiden Show!

Went for the maiden show on 17th at palace grounds Bangalore.
Fuck ,now I can say to my generations to come that I've seen what you guys will never be able to capture.
The energy these guys have at this age and the standard of their performance makes you realise what is missing in our rock bands despite the fact that one has the music ,however not the presentation and energy.

The metal bands in India might come out with awesome tracks however the vocals lag the power.Recently I went for a concert of a local band who play thrash metal,wont like to name the band and I 'd never seen anyone cover" Dread and the fugitive mind" of Megadeth as they did.
All was perfect however the vocals was not even close. I accept !covering
Dave Mustaine needs one to sing his balls out!

Lauren Harris should try and cover Paris Hilton,as she sounds close to her,nowhere close for a band like that to play for her.Her band was one of the opening bands of the Maiden Concert and the crowd wooed her off!

Anybody who went for the concert wants to write to me please do it now or never.

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