Thursday, October 7, 2010

Her Last Wish

All that mattered to me was the embrace of my love
Being with him in thick in thin
I earnestly did
However fell short of expressing myself as living being
Everyday when you will leave me, the rhythm of heart would pulsate
Would stay quiet as knew it was you not me in real pain
Never could I explain that pain in your physical being
Ached in my soul
You always kept a detective eye on naïve soul
My simplicity to you came as a surprise
As it is not the world of wise
Even when you realized that girl was
A baby for you in world’s eye
Yet being healthy child fought all attempts to desolate her
Never ever did you really understood her
Now since the child has realized
That her God’s anger is beyond control of his mind
In return your own creation will offer her last rituals to you
You are only existing God who would realize how to immerse them
As a child she is leaving with her last request
You being immortal,
Your must quest anger so mortal
Her last wish would be not to conquest
A mind innocent

Her Last Rituals

Your seeker is bidding adieu
Left unanswered with the last question
Where did dumbness played foul
That your anger bore wrath
Immolating your own creation
Your own child and transcendence

From planting the seed my Lord created the
The most beautiful tree where Kulpvriksha sighed
One by one you cultivated
All emotions only for her to rejoice all moments
She in return, a child holding your finger
Learned to walk
Learned to feel
Learned to Sigh
Learned to touch
Learned to smile
Learned to love
Learned to live

The last question she had were
For what fault her lord chose to annihilate his own creation
If only to suffice the pleasure or mortal anger than she
Being your child would embrace it
However, to tranquil the soul not to wander
Would want to triumph unresolved answer
Where did her prayers fall short?
Did she not obey?
Did she not learn?
Did she not walk as disciple?
Did she deceive?
Did she not love?

If only sacrifice would please lord
All she had was to offer her
Let fierce fire embrace her and turn to pure ash charring all sins against you
Her soul however obliterated in wrath of your anger
Would not be there in physical embodiment
All remains the last wish of her
Her last ritual to be done
By the creator of her
To be
Forever his

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Offer my love as Prayer to you

Did I ever tell you that my heart stops
When you look at me
I love all you share
And I would not share it with anyone 
Because I want to take and keep all of you only for me
I want that kiss on my head every time to put me off to sleep
 I am your seeker
Where you lost my love
I want you now
Want to savor your taste so divine
Want to mesmerize myself with your smile
Want to cherish all moments, all laughs, all cries, all love with you
A moment I cannot see you I go blind
So do you want to see me blind?
You ask me why I need eyes
As my eyes have only one purpose
I do not want to remove one sight from your eyes
I would not blink once
I will not dilate the pupils
In your eyes is the ocean which you have taught me to swim
I keep gliding going up and down on the giant waves
I then stand and ride on them
Such is the beauty in your eyes
They can take me entirely in and keep me afloat forever
Why are you quiet love?
Please do not be
Give me a chance a to listen to you
As all I want to do is listen to you
My eyes will listen to you now
Wherever I may go, I start from you, keep coming back to you and then end with you
I know when you look at me; your heart skips a beat too
You say you leave all to me to do whatever I wish
And see how beautiful I make you in return
I want to write you
You are the most beautiful mind
 Your heart is the most beautiful
You are the most beautiful of all that ever existed
You say I am everything to you
Never let go
That you love me so much
You know I have melted in you already
I am you already then how can I let go of you
I love you
I know you will love me every second, minute and hour
Of all the days and nights
For rest of our lives
What have you made of me, you are the poet, poetry, muse, drug
My addiction, heartbeat and life in me
When you say as years will pass by
Together we will turn the pages
And you will always love me
I know there are no limits
The only limit being infinite space
I say, I will always write you
And we will read it together
What a beautiful painting you are that the all canvas fall short
And you make the most beautiful painting of me


All have their passion in life and
Every lifetime they fulfill it
Since my birth I knew I could do all of them
Name it Science, Mathematics, Music, Dance, Philology, Physiology
All what I could never do in my entire being was love
Never knew
Never understood
Never realized
Never felt 
Never recognized
Never saw
Never believed
Never heard
Never hence perceived
You came as a surprise to me
All that I ever wanted you started giving me
I still had not developed to take it all in a blow
You do not see that you are the man had seen it all
And I being the woman, made for you, is deprived 
I now see only see the world from your eyes
Lately operated am recovering
Once recovered I would have the most beautiful eyes
Your eyes
Crystal clear and prism to all colors in all aspects
Please my soul stay with me like this
If I hurt you today, this would be engraved 
You already know I will give you the pleasure
For the cosmos to become jealous of you
But with bliss you afloat infinite.

Prayer to you

Taking a deep breath to release all anxiety
As the only one I want to be with to rescue me is you
I am no body without you
Please understand 
You are the life I am breathing
I do not even want to exhale at times
As I want to capture the breath
So many times while kissing you
I have enclosed the inhalation from you breath
Countless times
If I keep kissing you
I know breath is not required
My mind says not to waste the fraction to even breath
You will live by the touch of his lips and it works
I sound so dumb and helpless when I speak
As never spoken in life to anyone before you
Apart from you and you know it will only be you
Please never misconstrue my passion
That is all I am alive with
Your eyes make me see the world in instant
Your lips do poetry what my fingers capture
Your breath makes me feel alive
Your touch makes me feel I have a body
Your speech makes me aware I can listen
Your words make my nerves work
Your stomach makes me realize hunger
Your heart keeps my heart beating
Your hands makes my realize the sense of touch
Your legs make me want to move
Your entirety keeps my being
You make me realize I am living
Then why you want to take my life which you have given me
Well I know you being the God hath predestined
O' God accept my prayers
To live the life you have bestowed
I only want to live in this embrace of your arms
So safe
So like a crumbled child crying to stretch
Do not ever move your hands from me
My surrender and love for you is most profound than any disciple you have seen
This is my prayer to you

Birth Of God

The man I have has been a dream from existence of human creation
Even Eve, Cleopatra and the most desired woman never got him
It is rarest of rare, well rather non existent I can assure
Has a man been like you
If there is a true term of God
It has to be you and nobody apart from you can be the one
You are the God
As you the only one
You can teach someone 
First from the pain
Then rescuing from pain
Giving the happiness of you being there
And giving the bliss 
Making aware of all emotions
Getting one to a stage to choose the perfect emotions
With only emotion at the end you make one choose is bliss
You take me through the journey in millions of years
A human would have died craving even at last breath 
I have surrendered to you on your feet since my existence
However I am the only one to see God in real existence
I love you to eternity as tears of joy roll down my cheeks
Worship you to always keep the love towards me
There is no existence without you
My only temple being your door
Good Lord when you love me
There is nothing else that could be more
Than ever an existing creation
Even the smallest one could desire
Whenever I see your eyes
I know I cannot express them in words
Too bad in speech
As I am still to open up to the world as your lady
Inside it kills me the moment
You get rigid and do not want to
Understand my state of mind
I know all and every time
 That you love me
Like no one could ever in creation
I know that I have love with me breathing in human form of God


Never Letting you go

I as mentioned I want mind to be at the place where it loves to be.
When I mentioned I am not normal I meant 
When you speak a word I understand
You know me better than myself
I know I make you go to wilderness
And I know you are the only one who can see my extreme foolishness
And I can never express that my defense is for you
In fear of losing my life
As it is you
I become the weakest when this fear creeps in
I want to tell you that please do not let the fear creep in
I know I am not normal because my height of naïve-ness is not present in any living human
I have stayed in a cocoon scared which I want you to understand
Scared all throughout
Outside I come across as bold and fearless
Inside I am not even six years old
It is a small child
A child played with, tried and tested with
That the shell of the child got immunized
And the child learned how to defend her
And since the time she has opened her eyes
She has been defending herself
Because the urge to live this life is too strong
And the urge to get everything in one lifetime is so strong that
She doesn't want to wait for another lifetime to fulfill it
Unlike you I do not go deep in certain aspects I do have an urge 
I never believed and would not ever divulge in exploration
Somehow not so fortunate that I would have been 
To see the world
See it all
Not leave a single tree, river, ocean, mountain, plateau and plain 
Not leave a single color ever that can happen
Not leave the maxim depth one can go
Not leave the maxim height one can go 
Not to miss out on every emotion, passion, passage and expression that exists
Still all the thoughts were there and have been there since I was six year old and survived 
And my only strong greed was a companion
With whom I can share, visit, see and feel all
I found you after so many years
You are the companion
And I am growing every moment
All I want is you to look at me as growing and not grown up
I assure one day I will soon surpass you, being the fastest learner
However then I will walk with you
Your are the only friend, philosopher, guide, lover, teacher, master and of course
The only man from I don't know where but somewhere from space
I know can rescue me and make me a living being
I all I can say is, I have no words the way I will give you all what you ever desired
One fine day, you will discover that you are the only man existent in all creation
This I will give it you